Air High Quality Blast Chiller Chocolate
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Air High Quality Blast Chiller Chocolate

Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • 830L
Product Description

Blast chilling lengthens the shelf life of food to help your restaurant reduce food waste. This allows restaurants to blast chill food, thaw it, and then serve it at almost the same quality as fresh food. 

Below are some of the key benefits of blast chilling or blast freezing.

• Nutrients are retained

• Maintains quality of food products

• Increases the shelf life of prepared foods

• Prevents bacteria from growing rapidly

• Allows you to cool down food products quickly when cooking

Product Description

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  • Brand compressor with stronger power

  • Evaporator with a large exchange surface to realize the high efficiency of the cooling system

  • Exported Danfoss expansion valve

  • Operating cycles with temperatures from 185 F to -40 F(85℃ to -40℃)

  • Shorter freezing time (25℃ to -35℃ within 25 minutes, 25℃ to -40℃ within 40minutes when empty working)

  • Insulation is CFC and HCFC free in 3,93”thickness , High Density Polyurethane

  • Anti-condensation resistance

  • Air-cooled condensing unit with R404A refrigerant

  • Testing on each machine to meet the standard -40℃

  • Dixell disply and water resistant

  • 2 years for whole machine and 3 years for compressor

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Packaging & Shipping

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Company Information

公司图-1Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd located in Nanjing Lishui Economic department zone which is very close to Nanjing Lukou International Airport.Prosky has more than ten years' experience in professional Italy Artisan gelato machinery field and devotes to become the top-class Italy gelato equipments manufacturer and facilitator in China.

We Porsky with ISO9001 has perfect production and quality control system. Prosky machines have passed CE and  SGS certification. Meanwhile the agitator system of pasteurizer has been awarded as national utility model patent.We Prosky has signed a lot cooperation papers with nanjing famous universities to create innovative atmosphere and sustainable development .

We Prosky is professional in Milk Pasteurizer,Batch Freezer,Blast Freezer,Display Freezer, Ice Cream Combined Machine and so on and can also make customized machine to meet Domestic,Europe,North America,South America and all worldwide demands.



1. What is your competitive advantage ?

25℃ to -40℃ only need 40 minutes rather than one hour or more, increased 35% working efficiency.

2. What’s your greatest advantage on Refrigeration?

a. Brand compressor with strong power and Evaporator fans with high-speed to ensure the maximum of the freezing efficiency

b. Realize the operating cycles with temperatures from 185 F to -40 F(85℃ to -40℃)

c. Air-cooled condensing unit with R404A refrigerant

d. Shock freezing always serve fresh,top quality products to increase your product capacity

3. How about your freezing ability?

25℃ to -40℃ will be finished within 40 minutes when empty working

4. How do you ensure the quality of each machine?

a. We do testing on each machine to meet the standard -40℃

b. We provide testing report and video before delivery.

5. What’s your warranty policy?

2 year for machine and 3 year for compressor.