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Reach-in Blast Chiller Freezer
Imported Danfoss expansion valve 
Automatic defrost
High performance refrigeration system
Roll-in Blast Chiller Freezer
Insulation is CFC and HCFC free in 10cm thickness, High-Density Polyurethane
Air-cooled condensing unit with R404A or R407A refrigerant
Customized Roll-in Rack

Gelato Ice Cream Making

Gelato Machine

Gelato Machine Manufacturer

PROSKY win a number of national patents, and constantly innovation to meet customer needs. All important components of the machines use international well-known brands to achieve high reliability and performance.
   Quality System
Porsky has perfect production and quality control system, all machines pass Certifications of ISO, CE , SGS , etc. We will also provide one year’s free spare parts to enhance and extend the life cycle of the machines.
   Professional Team
24 hours online service, have professional after-sales service team to provide timely technical support.
   Industry Experience
Prosky has more than ten years' experience in professional Italy Artisan gelato machinery field and devotes to become the top-class Italy gelato equipments manufacturer and facilitator in China.


Latest News

gelato pasteurizer.png
09 April 2022
Why do you need a gelato pasteurizer?

When I think of the silky sweet ice cream, people seem to have all their troubles drifting away with the wind. The milk mixer in modern society provides an opportunity to eat ice cream anytime, anywhere, and almost no one will be distracted. So why do you need a gelato pasteurizer?The following is t

gelato machine.png
13 May 2022
What is a high-quality gelato machine like?

The purpose of learning is to understand the ideal state of things, and then make efforts to make things into an ideal state. In ice cream making, high-quality machines are the most important thing. So, what does a high-quality gelato machine look like?The following is the outline:1. What is a high-

gelato machine(3).png
26 May 2022
How to sterilize the gelato machine?

The sanitation of food equipment is directly related to the personal safety of consumers. Therefore, those who own food processing machines should pay special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of equipment. So, how should the gelato machine be disinfected?The following is the outline:1. Why

gelato machine.png
24 May 2022
How to store the gelato machine properly?

The machine also has its service life, and a properly preserved machine can work well for a longer period of time. Therefore, smart consumers should have some understanding of the precautions for machine storage. So, how should the gelato machine be stored properly?The following is the outline:1. Wh

gelato machine(2).png
23 May 2022
How to test whether the gelato machine is working well?

The core function of a device for making ice cream is refrigeration. Therefore, determining that the machine's refrigeration system is working well is a sign of normal operation of the machine. So, how to test whether the refrigeration system of the gelato machine is working well?The following is th

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