How to install the gelato machine?
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How to install the gelato machine?

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How to install the gelato machine?

In order to facilitate transportation, many businesses will choose to split the machine into several parts for distribution when selling ice cream production machines. So, how should the gelato machine be installed?

The following is the outline:

1. Why learn gelato machine installation?

2. How to install the gelato machine?

3. How to determine whether the gelato machine is installed?

Why learn gelato machine installation?

1. Get the best installation method. In fact, there are many ways to install the machine, but the optimal solution is generally presented by way of instructions. Therefore, learning ice cream equipment installation is the best way to get the best results of the equipment.

2. Reduce the occurrence of hidden failures. Many times, the machine breaks down because of the introduction of the failure at the beginning of the installation. Therefore, in subsequent use, a little error in the ratio of raw materials or temperature will aggravate the occurrence of failures.

3. Can have a basic judgment on the installation effect of the machine. Consumers learn some installation knowledge and do not necessarily have to install it by themselves, but to know whether it is installed properly when asking others to install it.

How to install the gelato machine?

1. Identify the power requirements. Generally speaking, the power supply voltage of machinery and equipment on the market is generally 220V or 110V. Different countries have different socket and power jack modes. If you want to buy machinery and equipment from a foreign country, consumers need to know the power supply and socket mode in advance.

2. Purchase the corresponding converter. The invention of the converter is to perfectly adapt to the different power requirements of many countries. In addition, the three-hole plug is safer than the two-hole plug, because the grounding wire can transfer part of the damage when a danger occurs.

3. Consult a professional for installation. The installation of the machine itself can learn the installation suggestions in the manual. For electrical circuit installation, it is best for consumers to find a professional electrician for installation.

How to determine whether the gelato machine is installed?

1. Observe whether all parts are used. The most obvious criterion is that all components should be installed in the right place. In addition, sometimes the machine manufacturer will give one or two spare parts.

2. Observe whether the machine and the instructions are exactly the same. The appearance and internal structure of the installed machine should be exactly the same as the standard machine in the manual. In this way, a perfect installation is completed.

3. Observe the operation of the machine. If there are frequent pauses or other accidents during the operation of the machine, it means that there are other conditions in the machine that have not been installed.

In short, learning the installation of gelato machines can allow consumers to better protect their economic safety and personal health. Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a Chinese enterprise that has been focusing on the production of gelato machines and Blast Chiller for many years. Welcome to cooperate with us.

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