Large Microthermal Pasteurizer Curd
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Large Microthermal Pasteurizer Curd

  • 120L
Product Description
Model PAMA 20L PAMA 35L PAMA 60L PAMA 120L
Production in 2 hours/L 20 35 60 120

Bowl Capacity/Min L

10 15 20 30

Bowl Capacity/Max L

20 35 60 120
Speed/Mix 1or2 1or2 1or2 1or2
Voltage 220 220/380 220/380 220/380
Frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Phase 1 1/3 3 3
Refrigerant R404A R404A R404A R404A
Condenser Water/Air Water/Air Water/Air Water/Air
Power/KW 3.75/3.87 5.75/5.9 7.75/7.9 11.1/11.5









Net Weight/KG 160 170 200 280


Pasteurizer is a professional machine that provides pasteurization, aging process. Through the pasteurization, your gelato base is ready in the batch freezer. Each unit automatically runs high and low temperatures during pasteurization cycles.

1.Original imported Aspera,Tecumseh or Bitzer Compressor can be chosen as buyer requirement.

2.According to user environment and local climate to choose Air_Cooler or Water_Cooler .

3.The whole machine material is AISI304 food-grade stainless steel.

4.Other units : Danfoss Expansion Valve ,R404A refrigerant,Top Brand Control Parts.

5.PLC Touch Screen simple operation system.

6.Output is adopted the low noise and undisturbed technology.

7.The practical and new type patented churning system improve emulsification of the base.

8.The rectangle design of the poy can save more space.

9.1 year warranty for whole machine, and 3 years for compressor. We will also provide one year's free spare parts to enhance and extend the life cycle of the machines.



1.How to choose from air cooling and water cooling ?
Our standard is water cooling machine.According to different climate to choose is better .
2.Can we adjust the machine's high temperature and low temperature?
Yes, the machine default temperature setting is 82 degrees, the maximum adjustment interval is 99 degrees,

low temperature setting default is 4 degrees, the minimum adjustment interval is 20 degrees.

You can read the instructions to adjust according to the requirements .
3.Can you make it customized?
We can according to your special requirements for production of products.
4.How much time will be taken to ship?
We usually ship the machine in 15 days after payment. If you want to customize the machine

please contact us to confirm the time.