How to use gelato machine to make ice cream?
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How to use gelato machine to make ice cream?

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How to use gelato machine to make ice cream?

In the hot summer, no one can refuse sweet and cold ice cream. Sometimes, owning an ice cream makes a whole day of happiness. So, how to use gelato machine to make ice cream?

The following is the outline:

  • How to use gelato machine to make ice cream?

  • How to configure ice cream ingredients?

  • What should I pay attention to when configuring gelato machine raw materials?

How to use gelato machine to make ice cream?

1. Do a good job in cleaning and disinfection. For the safety of consumers, food producers must perform necessary cleaning and disinfection of ice cream making equipment. Under normal circumstances, consumers can complete the disinfection through the machine's own cleaning function.

2. Make raw material configuration. Commonly used ice cream ingredients include milk syrup and ice cream powder. After consumers purchase the ice cream raw materials they need, they need to mix them in a specific ratio so that they can move the silky and delicious ice cream.

3. Set up the counting function. Commercial gelato machines will come with a counting function. Generally speaking, the maximum value of the count is 9999. Therefore, consumers need to record and clear the value in time.

How to configure ice cream ingredients?

1. Set an appropriate ratio of water and powder. Different ratios of raw materials will make completely different ice cream products. Generally speaking, the ratio of water to powder varies according to the concentration of the raw milk slurry and the production process of a specific brand of ice cream.

2. Set the specified value. After the ice cream device reaches the set specific value, it will default that the ice cream has been made, and the work will end at this time. Consumers need to experiment many times to set the right parameters that can produce the perfect ice cream.

3. Take ice cream according to certain rules. Generally speaking, in the mixing storage tank, ice cream can be made into different mixed flavors. Consumers can use the spiral method to complete.

What should I pay attention to when configuring gelato machine raw materials?

1. Strictly control the ratio of water and ice cream powder. When too much water is put in, the internal parts of the machine will face a greater workload, which is easy to cause noise and damage to the internal parts. Conversely, when too little water is added, the ice cream will not form an ideal shape.

2. Strictly control the temperature of the milk slurry. The parts inside the machine do not have strong temperature adaptability, and the ideal mix temperature is within the normal temperature range. The right temperature will greatly improve the efficiency of ice cream production.

3. Reasonably estimate the amount of raw material input. According to the sales volume and passenger flow of the store, the relevant personnel need to formulate a reasonable amount of raw materials to be used. This can reduce waste and economic losses.

In short, using an gelato machine to make ice cream may seem simple, but in fact, you also need to learn relevant knowledge. Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a multinational enterprise that has been focusing on the production of gelato machines for many years. Welcome to reach cooperation with us.

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