Batch Freezer- The Definitive Guide
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Batch Freezer- The Definitive Guide

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Batch Freezer- The Definitive Guide

Batch Freezer- The Definitive Guide

Nowadays, people’s demand for dining and leisure activities is constantly increasing. Ice cream has become an essential part of our lives. This has provided a huge market for ice cream machines, making them a rigid demand in many places. Therefore, understanding what to consider when purchasing an ice cream machine that meets your needs is particularly important.

Types of Batch Freezer

A batch freezer is used to make hard ice cream. Generally, it can be divided into two types: vertical batch freezers and horizontal batch freezers.

Vertical Batch Freezers

Structure:Vertical batch freezers are popular models that can be used for both takeout and dine-in. Due to the compact design of horizontal batch freezers, they are not conducive to heat dissipation. Vertical batch freezers have better heat dissipation than horizontal batch freezers. Therefore, vertical batch freezers are recommended for use in high-temperature environments.

Material:Vertical batch freezers are generally made of 304 stainless steel, which is aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and practical. The food-grade material has passed European CE certification and ISO9001 certification. They use top-notch refrigeration components from around the world and have an independent refrigeration system to ensure efficient, stable, and energy-saving refrigeration. The use of efficient evaporators reduces the energy consumption of refrigeration, increases the heat exchange area, and speeds up the cooling rate.

Design:Vertical batch freezers are designed with low-temperature antifreeze cylinder protection, high and low-pressure protection switches to prevent the compressor from burning out, thermal protectors to prevent motor overload, and speed protection to ensure user safety.

Application:Vertical batch freezers are suitable for places with high foot traffic, as they have high production capacity and fast dispensing speed. For example, they are ideal for large-scale markets, commercial streets, professional ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, etc.

Horizontal Batch Freezers

Material:Horizontal Batch Freezers generally use a touch screen, which better displays their class and technological content, and also makes operation and control easier. Horizontal Batch Freezers  are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. It has a food-grade transparent PC bucket lid and a vertical 304 stainless steel mixing cylinder, which are flexible and detachable.

Design:The freezing cylinder is equipped with a temperature probe setting to monitor the ice cream temperature and operate automatically. The detachable design and various ice cream selling methods make it easy to clean.

Application:Horizontal Batch Freezers are more suitable for places with limited operating space, such as bars and coffee shop operation rooms. This type of batch freezer can also be placed directly on the bar counter.

What is a Batch Freezer Price?

Generally, the price of a home batch freezer ranges from $100 to $500, while a commercial batch freezer costs between $5000 and $15000, depending on the type.

Typically, batch freezers are more expensive. This is because factors such as the material of the machine, the precision of the freezing cylinder, and the compressor all affect the price of the batch freezer.The compressor is one of the most important components of a batch freezer, functioning much like a human heart. There’s a significant difference between a good compressor and an ordinary one, and this is reflected in the price.

Ordinary batch freezer use air conditioning compressors, which have a limited cooling temperature of -5°C. The temperature for ice cream refrigeration and molding is -5°C to -6°C. Therefore, an ordinary batch freezer equipped with an air conditioning compressor is always operating at its limit, resulting in a short lifespan.

Most batch freezers, on the other hand, use imported special compressors that can reach a minimum refrigeration temperature of -30°C. A temperature of -5°C to -6°C is within its normal operating range. These batch freezers have a large production capacity, are quiet, energy-efficient, and have a long lifespan, operating smoothly every day.

Now you see, the compressor is especially important for a batch freezer. Its quality directly determines the price of the batch freezer. Therefore, before buying a batch freezer, make sure to pay attention to the compressor it uses.

How to Use a Batch Freezer?


Step 1: Checking and debugging.The use of a batch freezer is quite straightforward, but it needs to be debugged before use. First, check the power cord and power switch for any poor contact or electrical leakage. Inspect whether the operation panel is functioning properly, and listen for any unusual sounds from the internal system of the batch freezer.


Step 2: Cleaning. Before using the batch freezer, it should be cleaned first. Start by pouring clean water into the ingredient bowl, followed by the cleaning solution. Use a cleaning brush or towel to clean the ingredient bowl, the inlet, the outlet valve, etc., in order. Then press the cleaning button, and the freezing cylinder will enter the cleaning mode. After the cleaning is completed, it will stop automatically. The cleaning solution can then be drained out through the outlet.

Adding ingredients to make ice cream

Step 3: Add Ingredients and Start Making. After the batch freezer has been debugged and cleaned, you can start making ice cream. Pour the prepared ice cream mixture into the ingredient bowl and put it into the batch freezer. Select the type of ice cream you want to make on the electronic screen and press the start button. The batch freezer will start automatically. It will stop automatically when the production is completed.

The above is the usage method of the  batch freezer. Although the operation is simple, you should pay attention to the operating environment and conditions of the machine before use. The batch freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated area with good heat dissipation, and avoid direct sunlight.

Choosing the Right Batch Freezer for Your Needs

There are many types of batch freezers available on the market today. The first thing you should consider is the size of your shop and how large of a machine it can accommodate. If your space is limited, you might want to specifically look at Horizontal Batch Freezers. If you have enough space, you might want to consider vertical batch freezers first. Vertical batch freezers generally come with casters for easy movement, and all four legs have wheels for even easier movement. They also have better heat dissipation. Horizontal batch freezers generally come with machine feet for easy placement on counters.

What to Consider for Businesses Investing in Batch Freezer?


Generally, the larger the marked number, the stronger the production capacity of the batch freezer, and the more ice cream it can produce. This is a key indicator. Determine the output capacity you need for your batch freezer to avoid wasting investment.


This involves the issue of electricity consumption. Batch freezers are high-power refrigeration equipment. They generally use a 220V/50HZ domestic power supply. Some high-power machines use a 380V power supply. Please be sure to ask clearly when purchasing, and know whether your location can accommodate a 380V power supply. The greater the power, the greater the electricity consumption.


The price difference between a good compressor and a lesser one can be quite significant, which in turn leads to the price difference in batch freezers. Moreover, a good batch freezer can greatly reduce your ice cream production costs due to its higher overrun rate.


Consider the energy efficiency of the batch freezer, whether it saves electricity and time, as these factors will affect its long-term use. Also, what is the evaporator made of? Can it achieve durable results? Is the evaporator made of carbon steel or stainless steel? A good evaporator can be used for many years. Different materials also have different prices.


Large brands and manufacturers have comprehensive service networks for their batch freezer, and their technology is quite comprehensive. They have strict processes and standards for the production line of the batch freezer. After production, the batch freezers undergo various tests, ensuring a certain level of quality and reducing the likelihood of issues.


The quality of a batch freezer determines whether the ice cream it produces has a rough or smooth texture. High-quality batch freezers often produce ice cream with a very smooth texture; on the other hand, ice cream made by low-end batch freezers tends to have a rougher, poorer texture.

Therefore, when choosing a batch freezer, the most important thing is to understand whether the various core performances of the batch freezers are stable. With this assurance, we can possibly make ice cream with the desired texture.


How to Maintain the Batch Freezer?

Wipe the body of the batch freezer with a warm towel, do not rinse with water. The condenser can be cleaned once every three months to half a year. Before cleaning, turn off the power and be sure not to damage the condenser fins. A soft brush and a hair dryer can be used to clean it thoroughly.

What to Do if the Batch Freezer Breaks Down?

What to do if the batch freezer’s freezing cylinder is not working? The main symptom is that it can’t dispense the mixture and there’s an abnormal “clicking” sound. At this time, unplug the power immediately, wait for 1-2 hours for the ice inside to melt, and then turn on the batch freezer. Press the cleaning button to release the ingredients inside for cleaning, and then re-prepare the ingredients.

What is the difference between hard ice cream machine and soft ice cream machine?

Firstly, the usage scope of the two machines is different. Hard ice cream machines are suitable for factories and are used for large-scale ice cream production. On the other hand, soft ice cream machines are suitable for small storefronts such as coffee shops and dessert shops.

Secondly, the state of the ice cream produced by the two machines is different. Hard ice cream machines produce hard ice cream that needs to be packaged and transported before being sold to consumers. Soft ice cream machines produce soft ice cream that can be used on the spot, like in a cone.

Lastly, the taste of the ice cream produced by the two machines is different. Soft ice cream machines require an aeration system to fully blend the milk and air, resulting in soft and delicious ice cream that doesn’t spill when poured into a cup. Hard ice cream machines require low-temperature freezing of the milk, resulting in a harder texture.

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