How to clean the gelato pasteurizer?
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How to clean the gelato pasteurizer?

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How to clean the gelato pasteurizer?

Food safety is directly related to the health of consumers and the fate of businesses. Therefore, the importance of cleaning food processing machinery is very important. So, how should the gelato pasteurizer be cleaned?

The following is the outline:

1. Why clean the gelato pasteurizer?

2. How to clean the gelato pasteurizer?

3. What should I pay attention to when cleaning the gelato pasteurizer?

Why clean the gelato pasteurizer?

1. Create a good business environment. A good environment is maintained by countless individuals. Therefore, every consumer should pay attention to the details around him. Only by doing small details such as cleaning machines can a good environment be created.

2. Build a trusted brand. Consumers often choose branded products when buying goods, because the brand has been providing services that satisfy consumers during long-term activities. Therefore, companies that value the long-term value of their own brands should take the details such as machine cleaning more seriously.

3. Increase productivity. As the saying goes, sharpening a knife does not accidentally chop wood. Only by doing a good job of cleaning, can the subsequent ice cream processing link not face rework or other unexpected situations. If the cleaning is not done well, it may cause all the materials produced on the day to be scrapped and even face high consumer claims.

How to clean the gelato pasteurizer?

1. Understand the cleaning function of the machine. In order to adapt to the accelerating pace of life, many food processing machines will come with a cleaning function. Users only need to understand the basic usage methods to quickly use the machine for cleaning.

2. Understand the basic assembly and disassembly. For the dead corners that are difficult to clean inside the machine, users need to carefully clean the disassembled machine at a fixed frequency.

3. Arrange someone to be responsible for the cleaning of specific machines. Splitting specific tasks and assigning them to individuals is the most reliable and efficient way of working. In the cleaning activities, the person in charge can flexibly arrange the cleaning time by himself.

What should I pay attention to when cleaning the gelato pasteurizer?

1. Use a specific cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid of ice cream processing machine must use special brand and proper proportion. Once the cleaning fluid is not thoroughly cleaned, harmful substances will remain.

2. Strictly follow the cleaning requirements. The cleaning requirements of companies in different places are not necessarily the same. According to the specific regulations of the company, the number of times of cleaning needs to be set during cleaning, so as to ensure cleanliness.

3. Store in a dry and ventilated place. Do not place the cleaned machine directly in direct sunlight, as this will aggravate the aging of the internal materials of the machine. The best storage method is in a dry and ventilated environment.

In short, the cleaning of the gelato pasteurizer is very important, and qualified companies should pay attention to the cleaning method and cleaning requirements of the machine. It is a Chinese company specializing in the production of gelato pasteurizers and Gelato Machine . Welcome to cooperate with us.

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