The Energy-saving Gelato Display
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The Energy-saving Gelato Display

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PROSKY presents a line of professional energy-saving display cases for Gelato Display, for more information, visit .

The following is the outline:

1. Why the energy-saving gelato display is more popular?

2. How to achieve energy-saving for the gelato display?

3. Where can the gelato display be used?

Why the energy-saving gelato display is more popular?

With the global energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the increasing awareness of environmental protection, not only is consumer living standards and aesthetic awareness constantly improving, but people also have clear standards for the energy consumption of the gelato display, making energy-saving ice cream display cabinets more popular.

How to achieve energy-saving for the gelato display?

PROSKY has developed the energy-saving ice cream display cabinets using the following technologies.

Anti fog: The gelato display cabinet adopts reflective film anti fog and electric heating film anti fog, and the electric heating film on both sides of the glass defrosts, completely solving the problem of water droplet residue the gelato showcase.

Defrosting: Automatic defrosting control system of the gelato display cabinet, hot gas defrosting, double heating of the electric heating tube inside the box, eliminating frost residue and affecting refrigeration efficiency.

Insulation: Adopting integral foaming technology, the insulation effect of the ice cream showcase is good.

The ice cream showcase freezer adopts a fully enclosed imported low-noise compressor unit, which evaporates the condensed water through a heat pipe. The ice cream display cabinet also reduces noise, improves cooling capacity, and quickly defrosts to effectively ensure that the ice cream does not melt.

Where can the gelato display be used?

Glato display can be used in supermarkets, cinemas, ice cream shops, milk tea shops, barbecue shops, buffet shops, hot pot shops, barbecue shops, cake shops, cafes, cold drink shops, tea restaurants, dessert shops, pastry shops, shopping malls, bars, KTVs, Western restaurants, restaurants, etc.

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