Why do you need a blast freezer?
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Why do you need a blast freezer?

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Why do you need a blast freezer?

In addition to the main functions indicated by the merchant on the product detail page, many products have many other unexplored functions. For ordinary consumers, a suitable product can save a lot of trouble in life practice. So why do you need a quick-freezer?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the common functions of blast freezers?

  •  Why do you need a blast freezer?

  •  How to choose the right blast freezer?

What are the common functions of blast freezers?

1. frozen food. For mousse cakes, fish, meat and other foods, a high-quality freezer can help the food quickly plasticize and lock in nutrition. In this way, the original perishable food will extend the insurance period.

2. Facilitate timely access. In order to meet the needs of consumers in different places to eat fresh steamed buns from their hometowns in time, many steamed bun manufacturers have also begun to use the quick-freezing process to lock the moisture inside the steamed buns. In this way, consumers only need to buy vacuum-packed buns and deliver them in a frozen state, and they can be guaranteed to take them at any time.

3. Give food plasticity. For some Western-style desserts that are difficult to plasticize, the quick-freezing process can help food processors to quickly shape the food. This can improve the efficiency of food production and distribution.

Why do you need a blast freezer?

1. Fast cooling. The traditional freezer can only be set at about zero degrees Celsius, and it takes a long time for ordinary items to freeze in the freezer. In the modern era of the rapid development of the Internet economy, time means money. Therefore, more efficient quick-freezing equipment is very necessary.

2. Suitable for all kinds of commercial occasions. In addition to meeting the needs of families, quick-freezing equipment can also be found in various food stores such as cold drink shops, cake shops, and fresh fish shops.

3. Easy to use. This type of equipment does not have a high threshold for use like computers. Ordinary consumers only need to refer to the product manual to understand the basic steps of use. In addition, if the paper instructions are not enough to understand, consumers can also ask for more intuitive video instructions from the customer service.

How to choose the right blast freezer?

1. Choose the right capacity. The price of quick-freezing equipment is relatively high, and the price of different sizes varies greatly. Therefore, understanding the capacity requirements of the quick freezing equipment you need can save an unnecessary expense.

2. Choose the right manufacturer. In the absence of other knowledge, consumers can preferentially choose well-known brand suppliers. In this way, consumers will get better after-sales service and product experience.

In short, blast freezers are equipment that facilitates people's lives. Choosing such products requires understanding consumers' actual use needs and target budgets. Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production and processing of blast freezers. Welcome to come and cooperate with us.

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