Why does blast freezer so popular?
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Why does blast freezer so popular?

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Why does blast freezer so popular?

If you observe carefully, you will find that there are always quick-freezing equipment in ice cream shops large and small. So why are blast freezers so popular?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the advantages of blast freezer?

2. What are the disadvantages of blast freezer?

3. Why does blast freezer so popular?

What are the advantages of blast freezer?

1. Fast cooling. Compared with ordinary household refrigerators, the quick-freezing device greatly shortens the distance of food freezing to a specific temperature. This core functional characteristic is one of the significant signs that distinguish quick-freezing equipment from other equipment.

2. Easy to operate. Most of the quick-freezing equipment is operated intelligently through the touch screen, and even some high-end equipment can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone APP. In this way, the threshold for the use of quick-freezing equipment is greatly reduced.

3. Long lasting. The replacement of quick-freezing equipment is not very fast. Therefore, after purchasing a famous brand quick-freezing equipment, if consumers use it properly, the service life of the equipment will be very long.

What are the disadvantages of blast freezer?

1. Professional installation is required. There are many internal parts and components in the quick-freezer. To achieve a perfect installation, the installer needs to have rich installation experience and a careful and serious attitude. Many ordinary consumers cannot complete the installation work independently.

2. The price is higher. As for commercial equipment, the price of blast freezer is actually moderate. However, if the quick-freezing equipment is used as household kitchen utensils, the purchase price will be a greater burden on the family. Therefore, it is recommended to buy only when consumers have a strong demand for use.

3. Logistics needs to be extra careful. The handling of quick-freezing equipment needs to be cautious. Excessive tilting and long-term exposure to the sun or humid environment will adversely affect the equipment.

Why does blast freezer so popular?

1. Functional and practical. Quick freezing equipment provides a surprisingly modern speed, and merchants can sell goods at a faster speed. In addition, the quick-freezing equipment also has many practical additional functions for consumers to choose from.

2. Suitable for diverse groups of people. In theory, anyone who has the requirement of fresh-keeping and quick-freezing can purchase quick-freezing equipment. However, considering the price and floor space of the product, consumers are more recommended to use quick-freezing equipment as commercial equipment.

3. Can significantly improve work efficiency. With the quick-freezing equipment, consumers can enjoy delicious food from far away. Food sellers can also extend the shelf life of food without losing the taste and nutrition of the food.

In short, the popularity of blast freezer is inseparable from its powerful functions, simple operation, and price-friendliness. Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a multinational company that has been focusing on the production of blast freezer for many years. We have many years of practical experience and believe that we can provide you with satisfactory services.

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